The ASICS FrontRunner project has been a blessing in disguise. I applied online over 4 months ago to join the team, and I was lucky enough to be selected along with about 30 others. Over 5000 people applied and I really didn’t think I would be picked. The team is made up of a wide variety of people consisting of triathletes, marathon runners, ultra runners, sprinters and inspiring stories. What we do all share is the passion for running. There is nothing better than going out and enjoying the outdoors. Too many of us these days stay inside and neglect our bodies.

A few weeks ago it was our second large scale meet up. It was a weekend away in Warrington. The base of  the ASICS headquarters UK. I arrived Friday night after travelling a couple of hours in the car after work. As soon as I walked through the hotel doors I was greeted with huge smiles and familiar faces. I soon dropped my bags off, got myself a nice beverage and joined in with the chat. After catching up with everyone over dinner we headed to the bar for a pub quiz. As we are all athletes the pub quiz got rather competitive and I am happy to say my team stormed to victory by a comfortable 5 points.

The next day was the 5km ParkRun. This was my first ever park run, it was extremely well organised and I highly recommend you try it out. It’s free as well!! The conditions on the day were awful but it didn’t stop anyone from going out and having fun. Everyone had huge smiles on their faces even though they were wet through. If you don’t think you can manage a 5km run but want to surround yourself with like minded people why not volunteer and help out on the day. This could easily give you the encouragement you need to brave your first 5km run.

After the 5km run we went straight to the track next door and met Tom Bosworth. This guy is incredible. He can ‘walk’ 1 mile in 5 minutes 31 seconds. For everyone who doesn’t know how fast that is, it is faster than I can run it… After meeting Tom he took us all down to the track to try and teach us to race walk. Emphasis on the word try. It is a lot harder than it looks and he basically had everyone walking round like loonies. I don’t think any of the ASICS FrontRunners will be challenging Tom Bosworth any time soon (apart from Jon), but we all had such fun.

Next up was go karting, after posting the second fastest time in the qualifiers, I had an absolute shocker in the race. Dropping several spots and not even getting a podium position. I am still blaming the kart, my first kart handled like a beaut but the second couldn’t turn right causing me to crash on the same corner 3 times. SHOCKER! The ASICS FrontRunner manager arranged the event and strangely won… I know your game Gaz. Keeping an eye on you.

From the go karting, it was a quick change of clothes to arrive at Piccolinos for some food and drinks. This turned into more drinks and a visit to the club. It is amazing that ASICS have put people from all over the UK, from all different types of background into one team, everyone gets on and brings something different to the team. It has made me believe in my running capabilities much more. I’m even toying with the idea of an ultra marathon. If you had mentioned that 2 years ago I would have laughed and called you crazy.

Sunday morning I went to the spa before breakfast with Mikail, who guided Libby Clegg to break the 100m world record. LEGEND. After breakfast we went for a short little run and took some photo, then a trip to ASICS headquarters to pick up some stash.

The weekend came to an end. Back to reality but it was such an amazing weekend and can’t wait until the next one, thank you Gaz and Holly for organising everything.

Great weekend with some great people.