I know it’s going to be hard, and maybe not pleasant, but try to imagine a 6ft 6inch bloke doing yoga in his front room… This has become the reality for me this week.

As my Ironman training has stepped up a gear, I’ve started to feel my whole body tighten up. The last thing on earth I want right now are any injuries, especially given the fact I have progressed so quickly. An injury would be a huge setback for me. So, for this reason alone I have been on YouTube searching ‘yoga for beginners’. I have never been flexible and it really shows. The beginner level still seems too hard for me! It is made even more difficult when the dogs want to join in, for example today I was lying down on the floor with my eyes closed trying to relax every muscle in my body when BANG my sausage dog flies from the sofa straight onto my belly… anyway… even though it’s hard I am still really enjoying it and after each session I feel so relaxed. It’s great!!


Since starting all this endurance training the one place I have noticed really tighten up and affect my performance is my hip flexors! It doesn’t affect my swimming but when I am cycling a long distance it becomes very uncomfortable and causes pain in my lower back and legs. However, my running has definitely been affected most. I have had to stop several times to try and stretch it out. Luckily I live in the middle of nowhere because it doesn’t seem that there is any dignified way of doing this.

So, Yoga is nice, relaxing and enjoyable. I have also taken up foam rolling. This is the devil. There is nothing enjoyable about this. Actually, there is one part that is enjoyable… The End. Throughout the whole session I feel in pain. This is probably because my muscles are so tight but honestly by the end I feel sick and the sweat is pouring off me.

I need to make a real conscious effort to stick to this. I know how easy it is to just skip a session thinking it won’t harm. But one will lead to two, which will lead to even more… If I want to complete this Ironman and minimize the pain as much as possible I know I have to work on my flexibility. I truly believe flexibility is the answer!

Hopefully in the coming weeks I will become more flexible and the pain will decrease. If you have any advice or YouTube recommendations please let me know…I need all the help I can get!

Wish me luck for my next foam session!!