When I began training for my challenge everything was a doddle. I had the whole day to fit in a couple hours of exercise. I had time to eat as much as I wanted, sleep for as long as I liked and even have time spare to socialise.

Times have changed.

I am now fully employed as a ‘Sales Negotiator’ for an estate agent in York. I work 9-5.30 Mon-Fri. Before taking the job on I was worried about fitting all my training in. I was scared I was going to get overly tired and all the progresses I had made training would disappear.

This has not been the case so far. I have had to sacrifice my sleep in’s and I have been struggling to stay awake after my supper. But as long as you are organised and schedule in your training it is possible. I have been getting up at 5.30am having my first breakfast of porridge and honey followed by a run or cycle. Once I have finished my training I then shower and change. This is swiftly followed by my second breakfast at around 7am; this normally consists of 4 scrambled eggs on toast with salmon. You may think this is a lot of food but I have been burning so many calories with my training, I really need to eat as much as I can when I can. After a full day at work I try and get my training over and done with. So I train as soon as I get home. This leaves me a couple of hours to wind down and relax at night.

I have to admit I am feeling rather tired now writing this post so sorry if it doesn’t make sense!! Blame the recent 5:30am starts. Tomorrow is my rest day, which cannot come quick enough.

SO, overall I’m pretty happy with how everything is going. My main advice would be to plan. Once you have made your plan your determination will pull you through, the tired/hard days will be well worth it in the end. Well I’m hoping so anyway… I have so much admiration for people out there who have trained and taken part in an Ironman whilst in full time employment. You have shown me that it can be done and that in my case it will be done. I am determined, dedicated and nothing will stop me from doing this challenge!