With Ironman Copenhagen in 8 days, do I feel prepared?

Since January I have swam 96,000 yards, rode 3,378 miles on the bike and ran 306 miles. I have put in some serious graft in for Copenhagen. Whatever the outcome is on the day I can rest assured I couldn’t have put anymore into it. My life has been made up of; minimal sleep, lots of training, thousands of calories eaten and work. Lets be honest though, I wouldn’t have it any other way, especially the eating part. Yes, there has been times where I have wanted to quit, I have had injuries and doubted whether I would ever get in shape for this ironman, but as you will all know if you have ever trained for an event, you get highs and you get lows. It’s the fact that you never quit that gets you to the start line. I have learnt that you need to suffer through the lows to enjoy the highs (and boy do you enjoy those highs). My highs usually come from putting my body on the line, waiting for that voice to tell me to stop but pushing through. Once I overcome that demon and finish my swim/bike/run, my self confidence is like nothing else. I feel on top of the world.

So, training wise am I ready?

Yes… I know in all the individual sports I can hit the time I desire, I just have to add them all together now. All that is left is to taper. This week the volume has dropped and the same again next week. Hopefully taking me to the start line fresh as a daisy and ready to hit it up!

What am I expecting from Copenhagen?

I want to challenge for a Kona spot (World Champs). I know roughly what time I am aiming for but realistically it comes down to the day. I will never be able to maintain 22-23mph on the bike if it is torrential rain and high wind speeds. I just have to remember that if I am suffering, so will everyone else. Fingers crossed there are no absolute animals entered into my age group, however there are a huge amount signed up.

What is left to do?

I have plenty of things to keep me occupied. I have to pack which is highly stressful. Imagine packing for your summer holibobs x10. I have never done a big event abroad before so if you have any tips please send them across, last thing I want to do is forget anything. I fly out to Copenhagen on the Friday, check in, build the bike then try and chill and enjoy the occasion.

Wish me luck 🙂