Having only raced one 10km race before, I really didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I was going to go out hard and try and survive until the end. Someone commented on my Instagram asking how to pace a 10km, and I couldn’t really answer it. A 5km run you can just about afford to go out hard and survive until the end but a 10km is different, you must have a level of control over it. Well that’s what I learnt anyway; reflecting on a performance is a great thing. So, I went out hard, but more of that later.  

Leading up to the 10km I was in the form of my life, running consistently and running fast, but unfortunately, I picked up a niggle just over a week before ruling me out running for a week prior. I was contemplating whether to run or not. I went for a 10min test run on the Saturday and everything seemed ok. I have dropped out of a few running races due to injury and I just wanted to run, so I decided to go for it but with the intention of stopping if I felt the ankle at all, after all Manchester 10km is not the key race. I would be hugely disappointed if I ruled myself out Zurich Ironman for a 10km run 

Anyway, the race, I’m not going to lie, the start was dramatic. There were a lot of people fighting to get towards the front who had no right to. I put myself around the 40 min pacer which I thought would be appropriate. 

The starting gun went off and immediately the person in front of me fell over and nearly took me with him, along with the rest of the runners. My aim was to run at 4:00min/km until about 9km and then give it everything. This wasn’t the case; I ran the first 5km in 19.09. So, well under my target. The race then got a lot harder. At about 6km the struggle became real. I honestly felt like death, and it didn’t get better for the rest of the run. Evern though I was in struggle city, I wasn’t going to let the pacer for 40minutes overtake me. I looked down at my watch at about 9km and saw I was running at 4:15min/km. This is well behind where I wanted to be, I could feel the pacer breathing down my neck. I saw the finish line and picked up the pace to the finish. Awkwardly, it wasn’t the finish line, the line was another 200m away. So, I have just done a max effort sprint to notice I had another 200m to go.  

I got to the end and looked and felt like death, but I had done it. I finished in the time of 39:34. Over the moon with my performance, especially on tired triathlete legs.