My goal is to positively impact my client’s lives, by giving straight talking, open and honest health and fitness advice. For too long the health and fitness industry has been dominated by fad’s and fake news, leading people astray and stopping them from achieving their goals! ​

I will apply the knowledge and experience I have gained from studying, training and coaching, with a side of some very average banter, to help improve YOUR health and performance goals.​

For more information click here, or if you are still undecided whether I am the right Personal Trainer for you, send me an email on & I will explain how I can help. 

A bit more about me

My passion for health and fitness has been evident from a young age, competing in multiple different sports to a high standard. However, my passion grew during my recovery from cancer. I invested in a personal trainer to help me implement the correct workload to my training. After all I hadn’t had such low fitness before (I went from playing national league water polo to being in intensive care not being able to stand up). With the correct programming I managed to go from being bed bound in HDU to becoming a sub 10 hour ironman triathlete.

I am a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer studying sport and exercise science at Leeds Beckett University. This along side my accomplished sporting history, allows me to give informed advice to anyone willing to improve and achieve their fitness goals.

Why invest in a Personal Trainer?

Create and accomplish goals

Investing in the RIGHT personal trainer will help you create your goals but also accomplish well beyond them. This could be to complete a 5km run in a certain time, to drop a specific % body fat, improve your posture, etc…

Personalised training plans

Having a PERSONALISED weekly training plan will help keep you accountable but also a huge weight off your shoulders (excuse the pun). When someone else writes you a plan it takes away the stress and hassle of thinking what to do, but more importantly whether the exercise is actually beneficial for you! The majority of my clients have tried online plans and have not seen results. Due to the plan not considering YOU or YOUR goals!

Provide motivation

Investing in a Personal Trainer might just be that little bit of motivation you needed to start living a healthier life. Once you have invested in a personal trainer they will endeavour to keep you motivated by keeping the sessions fun but challenging. Building a good rapport will only increase motivation.