The last year was an incredible year for me, but I can tell you now 2018 is going to be bigger and better!

Since joining ASICS FrontRunner I have noticed how much there is still yet to learn about running or even triathlon for that matter. Being part of a team that has a wide range in ages, abilities and disciplines means you are never short of advice when you need it. Last year I completed my first marathon and Ironman, if it wasn’t for these guys helping me out I doubt I would have even made it to the starting line.They have taught me many things, but the main bit of advice would be that you don’t have to smash every workout you do! ‘No pain no gain’ is the worst phrase around. YES, you do have to put in some tempo runs and hill sprints but you also have to learn to put as much effort into your recovery time. I was that guy who ramped up his mileage and intensity far too quickly and got injured; this caused me to be disappointed with my overall time in my first marathon. Looking back now, if I had included more recovery runs and fewer tempos, I would have ended up being a lot fitter for Paris.So, 2018My goal for 2018 is to win my age group in the Copenhagen Ironman (writing it down makes it sound crazy!!). This is a huge, huge ask. I will have to knock a serious amount of time off my bike and run to even be with a chance of winning. I have had some training tests done and they have come back extremely positive, which makes my coach and I believe it is possible. With a strict training plan and professional help, it will be interesting to see how far I can push myself.