Just to clarify, at the time I was not amused one bit. However the more I look back at this time the funnier it gets. I was in HDU (High Dependency Unit), with a horrible infection. I had more lines coming out of me than I ever thought possible, one of which was a catheter. If you don’t know what this is I advise you not to search Google images for answers. Anyway, I was starting to feel better and was hoping that I would be leaving HDU any day. A new student nurse came into my isolation room to check how I was doing and to see what my observations were like. When she was checking one of my lines she mistakenly lent on another. Once she knew she was doing this she quickly stepped back saying sorry and managed to trip over my catheter yanking me in a different direction. At this point I wasn’t sure who I should be more concerned about, my mother dying from laughter or myself. It might as well have been a comedy sketch! But don’t worry I was fine, well as fine as you can be in HDU! The situation actually brightened up a very long day.