I am sure Chris will not mind me saying that he was not born to run, having said that, he has just completed the New York Marathon alongside his old school and university friends. What an achievement! I would like to say I never doubted you, however at pock sevens when you were having a pint (or ten) and telling me that you hadn’t even got a running plan sorted out, I was a little worried. BUT you’ve only gone and bloody done it. Hats off to you. (Let me know when you’re going to do another and I will join you…)

Below is the heart touching story about the Burn family and why The Three Bears Foundation was set up. Chris and his friends have already raised an incredible amount for Pancreatic Cancer. Let’s help them try and reach their target of £100,000. There is a donation link at the bottom of the page!

‘The Three Bears Foundation is currently being set up in memory of Jane Burn. Jane was a loving wife, mother, sister and friend to many. She had a kind heart and refused to see anything but the best in everyone.

The Foundation’s name is based upon Jane’s nickname for her son, Chris as a child: Chrissy Bear. The nickname spread, and the family to many were known as “The Three Bears”.

Janey sadly lost her battle to Pancreatic Cancer on the 11th December 2017, aged 61.

Jane had only been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September 2017. By the time the cancer had been identified, it was inoperable and the size of a golf ball. Throughout the chemotherapy and various illnesses brought on by the cancer Jane’s toughness and mental determination never wavered. Her bravery in the face of this terminal disease was inspiring…

Months before Jane’s diagnosis, she was struggling with severe back and abdominal pains. Unfortunately these probable warning signs for pancreatic cancer were not identified at the time. On her first visit to the doctors she was informed she might have gallstones! It will be one of the aims of The Three Bears Foundation to aid in the research and understanding of this devastating disease: If we can help to find a way to reach an early diagnosis of this cancer, we can then begin fighting it.

Her son Chris, along with 8 of his friends from secondary school and University will be running in a variety of races in 2018. These include the Great North Run, Cardiff Half Marathon and finally the TCS New York City Marathon: all to raise awareness and hopefully funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK.’