Stop Comparing yourself to others all the time, start thinking about yourself!

I recently did a poll on Instagram asking people if they compare themselves to others. I know this is a very broad question but it all started after a couple of friends told me that I make them feel guilty and lazy with the amount of training I do. The last thing I want to do is guilt trip people into training. I want to help people become more active and healthier.

The results of the poll showed that nearly 80% of people compare themselves to others. This wasn’t a shock to me, after all everyone has an element of competiveness within himself or herself.

However, it is the timing of the comparison that is important. It is unhealthy to compare your Strava stats to someone who has a lot more experience or who trains more often than you. Don’t rule out comparing yourself totally though. Competition in a training session can be beneficial. If it helps you push that little bit harder on a sprint or helps you push for that extra rep. What I am trying to say is, put the watches away, put your phone down and train for the joy of training. NOT because you’ve seen someone else workout and you feel like you should to.

It all comes down to whether you are training for the right reasons. If you are not enjoying your training and are doing it because you feel like you have to, you are extrinsically motivated. The probability is that you will become demotivated and stop your training. I mean I don’t blame you, why continue something that you don’t like… The key is becoming intrinsically motivated. You need to find that sport/exercise/activity that you enjoy and feel apart of. If you do this training will no longer feel like training but a hobby. Something you are willing to sacrifice time for because you actually want to do it.  

This blog post isn’t telling you to quit once things get tough. You will go through tough patches, tests and times where you can’t think of anything worse than training. However, if you find yourself feeling like this more often than not, you need to take some time aside and think why?

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