The most frequently asked question since I’ve completed the Ironman is what is next?

After training for months and months for one day, I did wonder what would come next. I thought I’d either have to carry on training because I didn’t finish, or I would feel so depressed because something I had worked for, for so long, had come to an end. Luckily neither of these happened.

Since finishing Ironman UK I was pretty much straight on the plane with my girlfriend to Mallorca. If you put your body under copious amounts of pressure you have to make sure you have some chill time. All holiday we ate, slept, ate a bit more and of course sunbathed. Luckily my body didn’t take too long to recover. I made sure I didn’t whinge for the whole holiday anyway.

The hard part was going back to work with both Ironman and holiday blues. It was made a lot easier by you (the extremely generous donators). I can happily say I managed to raise over my £10,000 for teenage cancer trust. I am still waiting on a couple of cheques to come in but I will let you know the grand total but I am still amazed with how much money I have actually raised. Thank you guys.

What am I doing training wise?

I have cut the volume down dramatically. My body needs a rest, I still have some niggles that need to go before I start doing anything serious again. I have started to enjoy going out and not having any expectations on myself, I don’t have to go out and hit a certain milage or a certain amount of time on the saddle. It’s nice to just go out and enjoy the scenery. I have been keeping up with my swimming training as national league water polo starts again very soon.

What challenge am I going to do next?

Back to the original question, what is next?

I have been toying with a few ideas. I’m not sure there is much out there which is more epic than an Ironman but if there is I will find it. If you have any suggestions send them my way, it would be great to see your ideas.

Until I decide what is next I am going to keep my base fitness high and just enjoy myself. Too many people forget to do the things they love. If you can take one thing out of this blog make sure it is this, do something every day that makes you smile. For me it’s exercise, for you it could be reading a book. Whatever it is, make sure you give yourself enough time to do it everyday.