First off all, I apologise for taking so long to write another blog. I have been extremely busy with work, sitting exams and of course training.

So, today I am going to tell you about what I have been doing the past few months, what I’m doing now and where I plan to be in August.

The last few months have been very family orientated, with training fitting in when it can. Since finishing Ironman UK, I have been trying to keep my base fitness high and build on my strength. However, with the extremely long hours training leading up to the ironman, I thought I owed it to my friends, family and myself to have some down time. It was great seeing the whole family for Christmas, catching up over an amazing roast, thanks Mum.

It took me months to decide what I wanted to do next. Was I going to do another Ironman and try to better my time or was I going to do a completely different challenge all together. After months of not committing, I decided to dedicate myself to another Ironman, much to my girlfriend’s dismay.

Leading onto New Year, I caught the dreaded Australian flu, or just a really bad cold, but lets call it the Australian flu. So, NYE consisted of Zero alcoholic drinks, much to the disappointment of my friends but I had more serious things to comprehend. I had just agreed to be coached by Rob Stanley.

I have given Rob the challenge of knocking some serious time off my Ironman to give me the chance to go to the world championships. This is a huge ask, but I am dreaming big and believing in myself. I have entered Copenhagen Ironman on the 19th August to try and secure this spot. To go to the world championships you have to win your age group. So, a lot is down to whom turns up on the day but realistically I am going to have to put in a huge performance anyway.

The New Year started with some testing at Leeds Beckett University. These tests consisted of short sharp max power tests, all the way to seeing how far I could go in 20 minutes. The tests were mainly to find out my FTP (Functional Threshold Power) and my VO2 max. Once we derived these numbers, Rob could work out a training regime to take me from A (where I am now) to B (the power output I need to average to be in with a chance).

I am currently in week 9 of my training plan and I have already seen huge improvements. I used to dread going on the Watt bike or turbo trainer, but now I look forward to every session. As soon as you put some structure into your training the enjoyment comes. The hardest part of training is thinking of what you are actually going to do. Once you have something written down in front of you, it becomes a lot easier to get up and smash your workout.

What events have I got planned for 2018?

The obvious big one is Copenhagen on the 19th August, but to build up to this I have entered into a few triathlons and a full marathon.

The 20th May is the ASICS Windermere marathon. I am yet to do myself justice on a marathon. I know I have the legs to put in a good time, so fingers crossed I will perform at this race. That being said I have heard it is a rather hilly course… getting my excuses in early.

I will be entering some triathlons before Copenhagen but I haven’t fully committed to many yet. If you recommend any please do let me know.

I hope you’re all fit and healthy.