It all started in the South of France after a couple of glasses of rosé with the family. I told them I wanted to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust by taking on a challenge. There was a suggestion of doing a marathon. I turned down the challenge saying “too many people have done a marathon I want something harder”. How stupid of me!! I am going to have to blame that confident response on my good friend rosé.

After a few more suggestions I thought of an Ironman. I looked up the distances and realised why some call it the ultimate challenge. I toyed with the idea for a few weeks. Once I was back from France it was my cousins 21st birthday. My gorgeous girlfriend took it upon herself to tell everyone that I was going to do an Ironman. From that day on I started training.

The reason why I am going to do the Ironman, along side raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, is to prove to myself, and others, that you can come back from anything as long as you have the right mentality and support. The Ironman is the ultimate mental and physical challenge. When I was in hospital my body took a huge hit from 4 batches of chemotherapy, leaving me 25kgs lighter. Yet my body still kept me alive when I was in HDU and through multiple infections. Being in hospital was also extremely mentally taxing. My mental state took a turn for the worst and I suffered for a lot of my treatment. HOWEVER, that aside, I am here now! And I honestly believe I am physically and mentally tougher than ever. So I am going to prove it to you on the 16th July.

Ironman UK here I come.

….Ask me on he 17th how I feel about rosé.